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It takes a lot more than quality workmanship to serve today's sophisticated owner. Demand the same from your construction professionals. CONSORT is your full service construction company based in Chandigarh tri-city.

about the company

For nearly two decades, Consort has created and cared for the vital assets that enable societies and economies to live, thrive and grow. Every day, at Consort, we work hard to build a more sustainable world. Our primary business is to develop industrial, commercial, institutional and group housing properties. The company has a reputation of developing a number of hi-tech infrastructure projects. We have a broad footprint in the northern region, including Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi-NCR. We are now expanding to various geographical regions and key market sectors of PAN India that will enable us to prosper today and grow sustainably for years to come.

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What We Value


Consort's culture is grounded in integrity and reverence. This means holding the highest standards of ethical business practices. Our reputation for constantly adhering to these standards is one of our most valuable assets.


The company is build upon time tested value of excellence and integrity. The reliability of our performance & the enduring quality of our projects, are reflecting in our quality work for our customers.


We follow a safety programme which is at par with top global companies.

what we deliver

At Consort, business is a long-term endeavour that's reflected in our values, our vision and our client relationships. We believe in creating opportunities to achieve the extraordinary. As a full-fledged infra company, we offer diverse services, including construction, consultancy and project management. The services provided are world-class as we apply an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience and customer commitment to every job. Sustainability touches every aspect of our business. It not only helps in creating new business opportunities, sharpen our competitive edge, but also adds to our valued customers' longterm profitability.

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